Letras de Canciones Archive


Entre la cirrosis y la sobredosis andas siempre, muñeca. Con tu sucia camisa y, en lugar de sonrisa, una especie de mueca. ¿Cómo no imaginarte, cómo no recordarte hace apenas dos años? Cuando eras la princesa de la boca de fresa, cuando tenías aún esa forma de hacerme daño.


Baby slow down The end is not as fun as the start Please stay a child somewhere in your heart I’ll give you everything you want Except the thing that you want You are the first one of your kind And you feel like no-one before You steal right under my door And I kneel


Well… She looked right into my eyes and said to me The hurt that you try to hide is killing me I drink a thousand lies, To freeze the past in time I’ve tried to fill this silence up But now it’s back again See the pain in my eyes See the scars deep inside


Tripped along many stones Enough to say I found my own way I don’t know where to go Couldn’t see where it leads Making castles in the sand Afraid no one else would hold my hand I’m stained from the world Sad, sad, sad little girl But I see in your eyes Your wear no
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